Amirmasoud Sheidayi

remove command in linux

How to remove file/folder in Linux

Push deleted branch to remote repo

How to push deleted branch to remote repository

Turn off word wrap in Sublime Text

How to turn off word wrap in sublime text, It's really annoying!

Create database seeder in Laravel 5.2

We will learn how to generate seeder class in Laravel 5.2 using factory

Stage deleted file(s) to git

It's a little bit tricky to remember

Weird error on with Karma on windows

karma init output error of "line.slice" on Windows + solution

Funday: Play Arcade game: Crossy Bird

Now we'll play Crossy Bird on windows 10

Common Mistake: working on master on thinking working on other branch

We will learn how to fix common mistake of working on master instead of develop branch

Quick Learn: How to install memcached on Ubuntu 14.04

We will learn how to install memcached on local or server that running Linux Ubuntu 14.04

Quick Learn: From working to repository

We will learn a clean workflow for Git

Quick Learn: What is Slug?

We will learn what is slug, how it works with raw PHP and Laravel

Quick Learn: Create new database and assign a new user to it using MySQL

We will learn how to create a new database and create a new user in console for MySQL